CEO’s Message

Shermine Dajani

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has played a pivotal role in the politics of the region. Strategically located at the crossroads of what Muslims, Christians and Jews call the Holy Land, Jordan has witnessed the winds of change unleashed by His Majesty King Abdullah. While Jordan’s economy is relatively small, it is significantly well diversified. One third of Jordan’s GDP is contributed by trade and finance. The country’s growth hinges on tourism, services and foreign aid. Jordan has undoubtedly the best health care services in the world. We are today poised for growth.

We at Panmed Events are determined to showcase the immense business opportunities that Jordan offers. We intend to bring together all stakeholders in our nation’s progress and endeavor to assist trade an industry to make inroads into our economy thereby contributing to the all round development of our country while adding value to investors.

We believe that the best interests of the European Union, France and Jordan are intertwined. It is important to understand the aspirations of our people and to provide investors an opportunity to share in those aspirations. Hence we have created this vibrant platform.

We are an open country that embraces modernity. I invite you to benefit from all that Jordan can offer.